If you require assistance simply call 1300 762 7181300 762 718, anywhere*, any time in Australia.*

Before you call for assistance, make sure you have the following information available:

  • Your Mercedes-Benz Road Care card with membership number
  • Location of your vehicle
  • A description of the problem
  • A contact telephone number if possible

Do not leave your vehicle unattended

If you need to leave your vehicle unattended, please call Mercedes-Benz Road Care for any update and possible rescheduling of the callout. Should Mercedes-Benz Road Care arrive at your car and it is unattended, work cannot be undertaken.

Safety First

If your vehicle is not completely off the road, or is parked in a potentially hazardous location, please turn on your hazard lights. It may also be safer for vehicle occupants to wait in a safe place outside of the vehicle. You’ll need to evaluate the situation for yourself, with the safety of you and your passengers in mind.

*Service area limits, entitlement limits, exclusions and terms and conditions apply. For details, click here.